Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to Make Money Selling RegiaArt

How it works:

1. I post selected paintings of my work on my blog to sell.
2. You sell my art for me and make 20% commission.

How to sell my art:

1. Place an image of my art on your blog or website.
2. Write a blog post about it if you like
3. Tell people to email you if they are interested in buying one of my paintings.
4. Ask people to contact you by email, phone, etc.

How someone buys RegiaArt through you:

1. When you have a committed buyer, contact me.
2. I send you a PayPal link that you have your buyer go to and purchase a specific piece of my art.
3. I wait the payment is cleared on PayPal.
4. You provide me the address of the buyer and I’ll send the art to the buyer.
5. You tell me where and how you want your commission sent to you. All payouts will come from PayPal only.
6. After the 7-day return policy has expired, your affiliate payout will be sent.

The RegiaArt affiliate program is open to YOU, individuals, art galleries, etc.
You promote my art on your blog, website or anywhere by copying an image of the art provided on my blog.

Please ask questions in the comments area below.
You can also email me at

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